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Skin Clinic

Berry Whip Facial $86

This luxury facial combines science and nature in perfect rhythm. The exotic berry extracts partner with an AHA blend to gently exfoliate and deliver protective antioxidants. Finish with our hydrating marshmallow whip mask that will drench the skin in ultimate hydration. Great for all skin types!

Tropical Refresher $86

This refreshing facial provides gentle exfoliation from luxurious Caviar Lime pearls to whisk away dead skin. It is followed by a decadent combination of antioxidant Australian Super-Berries, nourishing Snow Algae and Spirulina extracts to brighten, soothe, and add hydration while repairing and rejuvenating the skin.

Vitamin C Facial $96

Renew and revitalize the skin with potent anti aging powerful peptides and antioxidants, stem cells and botanicals. The powerful enzymes infuse the skin with multiple forms of Vitamin C to brighten and tighten the skin

Renewal Facial $96

Help the skin recover from winter with this treatment that is designed to exfoliate gently and effectively using advanced AHA complexes. This facial is finished with infusing the skin with hydrating properties that are meant to heal and soothe 

Soothing Facial $86

Soothe irritated skin with our unique ingredients known to repair the effects of overexposure and reduce inflammation 

Whipped Lime Daquiri Facial -$86

What says Summer more than Limes! Caviar Limes are used several times throughout this treatment with Passionfruit, Blueberry and Vitamin C to brighten and hydrate. Gentle AHA's are added for deeper hydration and brightening.

Berry Beach Mimosa Facial $106

Indulge your senses with Lime and Passionfruit as the natural anti oxidants and nourishing elements add protection and boost healing for any skin type. The gentle exfoliation of natural papaya and pineapple enzymes will effectively polish and prepare the skin for the revitalizing Oxygen treatment. Relax as the effervescence of pure oxygen boosts circulation, stimulates cell turnover and leaves the complexion hydrated and revitalized. Caviar Lime and Passionfruit leave skin smooth, supple and soft.

Exotic Berry Brightening Facial $96

Brighten and rejuvenate the skin with exotic berries from Australia. Packed with antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties, these super berries are designed to provide instant brightening and hydration.

Gentlemen's Cooling Facial $86

Using the power of peptides, stem cells and exfoliators, this treatment effectively addresses the skin care concerns of men. We take care of the skin with exfoliation, extractions, powerful anti aging ingredients and a hydrating mask. This treakment will cool, soothe, and refresh

Back Acne Facial $106

Acne breakouts on your back can be from all sorts of things. Sports, exercise, stress and much more. Leave it to us to clear it up and you just relax knowing you're in the hands of an expert.

Customized Back Facial $106

This fully customized treatment is designed for those looking to keep their skin clear, prevent future breakouts and address uneven tone and texture. As a skin care expert, we can give you exactly what you need to feel confident no matter what you wear.

Fire & Ice Firming Booty Facial $106

Get ready for the warm weather with this firming booty facial. the skin will be polished with our blueberry & bamboo and our customized enzymes. Active ingredients will be applied to the targeted areas to help tighten and smooth, while reducing the signs of cellulite and improving the skin's texture. This treatment will be finished with a mask that will instantly firm the upper thigh and booty also providing long term benefits to the skin.

Body Area Lightening Treatment $106

This treatment will lighten and brighten any area on the body that has hyperpigmentation! Think underarms, bikini, bottom, elbows or knees!  

Circadia ~ V ~ Treatment $96

After your Brazilian Wax or even if you shave your skin could use some pampering. We exfoliate, prevent ingrown hairs, hydrate and protect with this treatment for the intimate area.